Our Next Appearances: The Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema, Steel Stacks by Artsquest, Bethlehem, PA - 11/18, 11/25 & 11/26- 11:30pm


Matt K.

Roles: Frank N. Furter, Dr. Scott, The Criminologist, Transylvanian, Stage Crew

When did you first see RHPS?: My first Rocky experience was back in early 2007, when my friend/co-worker at the time talked me into going to see the Erotic Daydreams cast in Coaldale, PA. I guess I enjoyed...whether it was the movie itself or the people who made up
that region's sector of the Rocky community, I found myself tagging along more and more regularly as the year progressed. Several cast members tried like hell to recruit me as a performer, but given my stagefright and 0 theater/drama/acting experience, I respectfully declined. Sure enough, by Halloween of that year I was playing Frank-n-Furter. 2017 will mark my 10yrs as a performer and I couldn't be more thankful to everyone who's helped and supported along the way.

Tell us something interesting about you!: Nothing too crazy, I'm a huge nerd and math guy at heart, love video games and psychology...I once could recite pi to 100 digits :-/



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